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Double effect lip scrub and lip balm

Double effect lip scrub and lip balm

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  • 馃拫 Filling water: lip scrub cream can protect lips from dryness and rejuvenate lips when sleeping. Active collagen peptide formula is highly water-soluble, which can restore the natural skin color and moisture of lips, and make more natural baby look.
  • 馃拫 Smooth lips: Our sleeping lip mask repairs and rejuvenates lips while you sleep so you wake up to smooth, moisturized & plump lips!
  • 馃拫 Exclusive Moisture Wrap : When your skin cells are less active, the collagen network that provides skin firmness and structure breaks down. The skin then becomes dehydrated and forms lines and wrinkles. Technology boasts hyaluronic acid and minerals to form a protective film over the lips to lock in moisture and active ingredients.
  • 馃拫 Enrich Lip Tone: Lip Mask restores not only the texture but also the beautiful color of healthy lips.When your lips are moisturized with the nutrients inside of our Lip Mask, you can say goodbye to pale and whitened lips.
  • 馃拫 Collagen Boodter: Made with a lot of effective ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin c & aminoacid complex to naturally boost collagen!
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