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Mooyam Tightening and Slimming Cream. Flat Tummy Slimming Cream

Mooyam Tightening and Slimming Cream. Flat Tummy Slimming Cream

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How to Use
It can be used in sports and used as an exercise promoter. The conditioning properties contained in the special product ingredients make the abdomen, arms, legs and the entire skin smooth, and can be used on the whole body.
About The Product:

* NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The gel is made of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, tea and coffee extract to stimulate your fitness goals while taking care of your body!
* No Animal Testing,Vegan, Paraben Free

* STIMULATED WEIGHT LOSS: Our slimmingcream is based on a natural formula that stimulates blood circulation to improve workout performance, also stimulates perspiration to increase water weight loss and this helps the body get rid of toxins. All of this enhances fat burn as a natural side effect.

Inhibit the growth of adipose tissue. Significantly reduce lumps and depressions under the skin, exert the cellular level, and effectively overcome stubborn fat cells and fat accumulation Lifts and tightens skin. Innovative ingredients provide power to the skin, improve blood circulation, and tighten the skin. Massage products help burn fat deposits and purify the skin.
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